Orico USB Bluetooth 4.0 adapter, crni (ORICO BTA-403-BK)/35427
- Interface: USB- Transfer Speed: 3 Mbps- Transfer Distance: 0 - 20m- Controller: CSR8510- Driver Software: CSR Harmony ..
Roline VALUE adapter PS/2 na USB- 12.99.1072
- Only for USB/ PS/2 combo mouses- USB mouse has to be connected to the adapter and the adapter has to be connected to t..
Roline VALUE adapter USB3.1 Type C - miniDP (M/F) -12.99.3225
Tehnička specifikacija- USB 3.1 Type C to Mini DisplayPort DP Cableadapter for Macbook- Connect your MacBook with USB-C ..
Roline VALUE adapter USB3.1, C(M) - HDMI (F) -12.99.3210
tehnička specifikacija - Product type: USB-HDMI Adapter - Colour: white - Length: 0.1 m - Side A connection (PC)..
Roline VALUE Lightning na USB kabel za iPhone/iPad/iPod, 1.0m  /11.99.8321
- Lightning is a proprietary computer bus and power connector created by Apple Inc. to replace its previous proprietary ..
Roline VALUE USB 3.0 kabel TIP A-A M/M, 1.8m /
Roline VALUE USB2.0 kabel za punjenje TIP Micro B(M) - Micro B(M), 0.3m -11.99.8307
Tehnička specifikacija - Charging cable for USB devices with USB Micro B connector - To connect an USB device with..
Roline VALUE USB3.0 kabel TIP A-B M/M, 3.0m -  11.99.8831
- Length: 3.0 m- side 1 connector: Type A M- side 2 connector: Type B M- Left Connector Type: USB 3.0 Type A- Left Conne..
Roline VALUE USB3.1 kabel, A-C, M/M, 1.0m -   11.99.9011
    - Compatible with existing USB 3.0 software stacks and device protocols - Works with both existing 5Gbit/..
USB PRINTER  kabel TIP A-B M/M, 3.0m,
S3103 ..
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