Dell Flat panel 22" E2216HV
Panel type: TN with LED backlit 21.5";Aspect Ratio: 16:9;Resolution: 1920x1080;Pixel ..
Dell Flat panel 22" SE2216H
Panel type: Vertical alignment with LED backlit 21.5";Aspect Ratio: 16:9;Resolution: ..
Dell Flat Panel 24" SE2417HG
Panel Type: TN LED-backlit LCD 24", Anti-Glare with 3H hardness;Aspect Ratio: 16:9;Resolut..
Dell Flat panel 24" SE2416H
Panel type: IPS LED-backlit LCD 23.8"Resolution: 1920x1080;Aspect Ratio: 16:9;Pixel P..
Dell Flat Panel 24" E2417H
Panel type: IPS LED-Backlit LCD 24"Resolution: 1920x1080;Aspect Ratio: 16:9;Pixel Pit..
Dell Flat panel 27" SE2717H
PPanel Type: IPS LED-backlit LCD 27";AMD FreeSyncAspect ratio: 16:9;Resolution: ..
Dell Flat Panel 27" P2719H
Panel Type: IPS E-LED-backlit LCD 27"; Aspect ratio: 16:9;Resolution: 1920x1080;..
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