Cherry KC-1068, 100% vodootporna, IP68 zaštita, USB tipkovnica -Bijela
Opis/specifikacija:- KC 1068 meets the requirements of IP 68 protection class an..
Cherry KC-4500 ergonomska tipkovnica
Opis/specifikacija:- Do you suffer from tense shoulders, cramp or other unpleasa..
Cherry KC-6000 Slim MAC tipkovnica
e- Numeric keypad for convenient number input- Rubber feet for height adjustment..
Cherry KC-6000 Slim MAC tipkovnica
Opis/specifikacija:- Ultra-flat designer keyboard- The KC 6000 SLIM keyboard imp..
Cherry MC-1000 optički miš, bijeli
CHERRY MC 1000 offers the best quality in its price class - The focus is on dur..
Cherry MC-3000 optički miš, USB, bijelo/crni
Opis/specifikacija:- Reliability has a name: CHERRY MC 3000 - The proven corded..
Cherry MC-4000 USB miš
Opis/specifikacija:- The CHERRY MC 4000 combines perfect handling with the highe..
Cherry MW-2310 2.0 bežični optički miš, crni
The CHERRY MW 2310 2.0 is a versatile 6-button wireless mouse with 2.4 GHz techn..
Cherry MW-2400 bežični optički miš
Opis/specifikacija:- The CHERRY MW 2400 wireless mouse is optimised for professi..
Cherry MX Board 1.0 backlight silent tipkovnica (mehanička - MX red switch)
Opis/specifikacija:- The CHERRY MX BOARD 1.0 BACKLIGHT - fast, precise, proven C..
Cherry ST-1144 Smart Card Terminal, sivi
Opis/specifikacija:- Smart, stable and can be operated with one hand - The Smar..
Cherry STRAIT 3.0 tipkovnica, USB, crna
Opis/specifikacija:- Simple, elegant design for daily use- Consummate design: th..
Cherry MC-1000 optički miš
  Scanning: Optical - Resolution: 1200 dpi - Number of Keys: 3 - Mouse ..
Cherry GENTIX USB,optički miš
Scanning: Optical - Resolution: 1000 dpi - Number of Keys: 3 - Mouse wheel de..
Cherry GENTIX USB optički miš
Scanning: OpticalResolution: 1000 dpiNumber of Keys: 3Mouse wheel design: Scroll..
Cherry MC-2000 Infrared USB miš
Tehnička specifikacija - Single-handed control and efficient navigation - ..
Cherry DC-2000 USB tipkovnica + miš
 Corded Business Desktop in CHERRY qualityThe CHERRY DC 2000 is focussed on..
Cherry Stream 3.0 Ultra tiha vodootporna tipkovnica
Specifications - Degree of protection: Spill resistant - Service life, standar..
Cherry Stream 3.0 Ultra tiha vodootporna tipkovnica, bijela
Opis/specifikacija:- The workhorse for continuous use - CHERRY STREAM 3.0 never..
Cherry MW-3000 bežični optički miš
The CHERRY MW 3000 is an advanced 6-button wireless mouse with 2.4 GHz technolog..
Cherry MW-4500 bežični ergonomski optički miš
Because the mouse features 45° angles, you do not need to place your hand comple..
Cherry KC-1068  IP68, USB tipkovnica
KC 1068 meets the requirements of IP 68 protection class and is protected again..
Cherry MW-8 ERGO bežični/BT optički miš
Comfort and uncompromising quality for right-handed users Features - Superi..
Cherry DW-5100 WIRELESS tipkovnica + miš
Quality and ergonomics at the workplace - Durable, ergonomic and flexible are ..
Cherry MW-8 Advanced bežični/BT optički miš, AES-128, USB, crni
Opis/specifikacija:- Ingenious wireless mouse with innovative features for users..
Cherry MX Board 1.0 backlight MX USB tipkovnica (mehanička)
Opis/specifikacija:- The ideal keyboard for avid writers complete with MX switch..
Cherry DW-9000 SLIM WIRELESS/BT tipkovnica + miš,
Rechargeable designer desktop with many extra featuresFeatures- Optionally conne..
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