Proizvođač: AEG
Šifra proizvoda: 21354
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  •  Standardna utičnica, razdvojene utičnice za veće utikače



Key Features
- 5 grounded outlets plus 1 adapter-spaced outlets
- Power cord (1.8m) with angled plug
- Resetable automatic circuit breaker
- All outlets are fitted with child locks
- Prepared for wall-mounting
- LEDs indicating operating state and active surge protection

Technical Data
- Input voltage: 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
- Input connector: angled grounded plug
- Output connections (type F):
* 5× grounded outlets
* 1× adapter-spaced outlets
- Protection system: triple arrestor, L-N / L-PE / N-PE
- Dimensions (W×H×D): 404×42×60 mm
- Weight approx.: 0.6 kg

- These power strips with surge protection guard against harmful power surges in the home
- Nearby lightning strikes, for instance, can cause mains voltages to surge, damaging connected equipment
- Even switching on other home electricals - like fluorescent lights with conventional ballasts - can trigger an overvoltage in a homes entire mains system
- The AEG PROTECT Basic.GE series of surge protectors offers an effective safeguard against these kinds of voltage spikes
- The surge protectors have 5 outlets for standard grounded power plugs, plus 1 wider-spaced outlets designed to accommodate larger power adapters
- The surge protectors include filters to suppress high-frequency interference voltages
- To prevent tangled cables, they are also fitted with a cord management bracket at one end
- Two LEDs indicate whether the power is on and surge protection is active
- The power switch enables the mains supply to connected equipment to be cut off