Proizvođač: WOOX
Šifra proizvoda: 42804
Raspoloživost: Na zalihi
219,90 kn
Bez poreza: 175,92 kn
glasovna kontrola - Alexa & Google Assistant, 

Tehnička specifikacija

 Alexa & Google Assistant, Wi-Fi kontrola, Timer/Schedule postavke, 1.8m - Time switch
* Set electric appliances switch time, enjoy life without waiting
* Set timing to start brewing coffee
* Set timing to start cooking
- Remote App Control, making your life easier
* Never leave the lights on again - Remote switch
* Turn on the water heater in advance - saving time and effort
- Multi-jack design, meeting different needs
- Overload protection
* USB jack, Overload Protection Both Convenient and Safe
- Baby proofed plug socket cover
- Prevents danger of electric shock
* Avoids childrens accidental insertion
- Slim design Easy storage and space saving
- Non-slip silicone design Stick to the desktop does not slip
1. Open the "Woox home" APP on your smartphone
* On the "Devices" page, click "Add Device" or "+" in the upper right corner and select "Multiple sockets"
2. Press and hold the switch button for at least 5 sec.
* The indicator lamp will blink, which means it will enter the distribution network connection
3. Introduce your Wi-Fi password and complete the configuration
- Rated current:
* 220-240V AC, 16A, 4USB outlet
* 5V/4A(Total) 2.4A Max for single port
- Wireless Type: WiFi IEEE 802/11b/g/n 2.4Ghz
- Operating temperature: -30C to 54C
- Material: ABS+PC,(750V-0 FIRE-RETARDANT)
- Dimensions: 264×65×40 mm
* Cable length 1.8m
- Continuous current rating: 10A
- Total outlet current: 16A Max
- Single outlet current: 10A Max