Proizvođač: ROLINE
Šifra proizvoda: 14.01.3459
Raspoloživost: Na zalihi
165,90 kn
Bez poreza: 132,72 kn

 Allows you to extend the transmission range of your HDMI connection by up to 20m in total. Supports a maximum resolution of up to 3840×2160@60Hz
- This 4k2k HDMI repeater regenerates the incoming HDMI Signal by decoding and re-encoding it to a new standard HDMI signal, so it can extend the transmission range without degradation. Up to 20 meters transmission distance. The repeater supports a resolution up to Ultra HD (4K)

- Support 3D and up to 3840×2160@60Hz
- Compliant with HDCP
- Compatible to Full-HD 1080P
- Frequency bandwidth: up to 340MHz
- Input/output resolution
- HD:480i@60Hz, 576i@50Hz, 480p@60Hz, 1080p@50Hz, 1080p@60Hz,1080i@50Hz, 1080p@30Hz, 1080p@25Hz, 1080p@24Hz,2160P@30Hz, 2160P@60Hz
- Dimensions (W×H×D): 28×13×51mm
- Length: 20 m