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Cherry KC-4500 ergonomska tipkovnica, USB, crna

Ergonomska tipkovnica - Opušteno i ugodno kroz cjelodnevni rad.


- Do you suffer from tense shoulders, cramp or other unpleasant symptoms when working on the computer?
- In many cases this is caused by incorrect posture
- Simple relief can be provided by an ergonomic keyboard such as the CHERRY KC 4500 ERGO
- With its special design, your hands and arms take up a more natural position by themselves
- This relieves your shoulders and back and your relaxed posture reduces stress
- The extra-soft palm rest with memory foam prevents pressure points and lets you rest your hands comfortably
- The three feet allow you to raise the front of keyboard
- This position is particularly comfortable when working in a standing position
- The rubber feet also reliably prevent the keyboard from slipping, whether its standing up or not
- An extra long cable with a USB plug allows you to connect the keyboard to the computer without any problems
- The plug & play CHERRY KC 4500 ERGO is ready for use without any additional software
- With its elegant colors and modern design, it looks great on any desk
- Once youve become used to the special design, typing is the same as on any other CHERRY keyboard: easy and uncomplicated
- Multimedia functions (volume up/down/off, next/previous track, start/pause) are integrated in the F-keys
- You can easily call them up by pressing the FN key at the same time
- To make your daily work even easier, the free CHERRY KEYS software offers many customization options
- CHERRY KEYS allows quick access to apps, files, individual text modules or macros at the touch of a key

Function and performance
- The design of the USB keyboard supports an ergonomic posture when using the computer
- Curved keypad adapted to the movement of the hands and fingers for fatigue-free typing
- Soft padded palm rest with memory foam and high-quality PU leather
- Sturdy, fold-out feet on the underside for adjustable keyboard angle
- 1.8 m long, flexible cable for easy setup
- Additional commands such as volume up/down on the F buttons
- Configurable keys with optional, free CHERRY KEYS software

- Service life, standard key: > 10 million key operations
- Number of Keys: Product dependant, see table "Models"
- Number of Hotkeys: 3 (PC look, Calculator, FN)
- Multimedia functions (Key F1 to F6 + FN): Volume down, Sound on/off, Volume up, Previous title, Next title, Play/pause
- Soft padded palm rest with memory foam and high-quality PU leather, not removable
- Reliability: MTBF (90) > 80.000 hours
- Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C
- Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C
- Cable length: 180 cm
- System requirements: USB connection
- Dimensions: approx. 456×217×35 mm (with feet up: 43mm)
- Weight: 750 g
- Color: Black

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