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- DisplayPort is a universal connection standard for the transmission of picture and sound signals
- Applications include mainly the connection of monitors and televisions to computers, BluRay players and similar devices
- The connector requires less space and is therefore more suitable for portable display devices (ultrabooks, notebooks/laptops) or for 2 connectors on a graphics card (on a slot plate)
- The practical plug design prevents the cable from slipping out of the DisplayPort socket
- Compliant DP v1.2 (max. 4096×2560 @60Hz)

Technical Data
- Colour: Black
- Length: 10 m
- Transfer quality: DisplayPort v1.2
- Max. resolution: 4096×2560 @60Hz (4K)
- Side 1 connector: Display Port M
- Side 2 connector: Display Port M
- Side 1 Connector Type: DisplayPort
- Side 1 Connector Gender: Male
- Side 2 Connector Type: DisplayPort
- Side 2 Connector Gender: Male
- Area of application: External
- Cable shielding: Screened
- Weight: 119.9 g