Proizvođač: ROLINE VALUE
Šifra proizvoda: 14.99.3495
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- With our UHD (4096×2160@60Hz) bi-directional DisplayPort cable you can connect up to 15m between your devices
- The active cable does not require a separate power supply
- Total length of the end device distance (e.g. from notebook/laptop to beamer or PC to monitor): 15 meters
- Hardware solution, no software required
- A signal repeater is built into the connectors
- The practical plug design prevents the cable from slipping out of the DisplayPort socket
- Bidirectional: the cable can be used independently of the plug-in direction
- Compliant DP v1.2 (max. 4096×2160@60Hz)

- Product type: DisplayPort extension
- Colour: Black
- Length: 15 m
- Video input: DisplayPort
- Video output: DisplayPort
- Max. resolution: 4096×2160@60Hz