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Šifra proizvoda: 11.02.8873
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Roline USB3.0 kabel TIP A(M) - Micro B(M), 0.8m, crni



or the connection of external USB 3.0 peripheral devices as e. g. HDD enclosures, cameras, mobile phones which have got the new Micro interface
  USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cables with high quality and improved shielding for data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbit/s
  Length: 0.8 m
  side 1 connector: USB Type A M
  side 2 connector: Micro USB Type B M
  Side 1 Connector Type: USB 3.0 Type A
  Side 1 Connector Gender: Male
  Side 2 Connector Type: USB 3.0 Type Micro B
 Side 2 Connector Gender: Male
  Max. bandwidth: 5 Gbit/s

Oznake: 11.02.8873
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