Proizvođač: ROLINE VALUE
Šifra proizvoda: 19.99.1552
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Roline VALUE naponski kabel, IEC320 C19 16A, 2.0m, crni



Cable often used for UPS from 3000 VA and for connecting Blade servers

 Connection cable 16 A with IEC320 C19 Female and Schuko plug, angled
 Cable: H05VV-F 3G1.5 3× 1.5mm2
 Nominal data: 250 VAC/16 A
 Colour: black
 Length: 2.0 m
 Max. current: 16 A
 Max. voltage: 250V
 Max. power: 3600W
 Cable material: H05VV-F
 Conductor cross section: 1.5mm2
 Quantity of wires: 3
 side 1 description: Schuko
 side 1 connector type: Schuko
 side 1 connector external diameter: 40 mm
 side 2 description: Inlet connector
 side 2 connector type: IEC320 C19
 side 2 connector external diameter: 20×28 mm
 Side 1 Connector Type: 3P. German, CEE 7/7
 Side 1 Connector Gender: Male
 Side 2 Connector Type: IEC320 C19, 16A
 Side 2 Connector Gender: Female

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