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Cherry ST-1144 Smart Card Terminal, sivi


- Smart, stable and can be operated with one hand
- The SmartTerminal ST-1144 reads and writes your chipcards and with extremely low power consumption to boot
- Whether access controls, network log-on or smart card-based Internet transactions -

the SmartTerminal with USB connection supports you in protecting your sensitive data in an easy and reliable way

- High-quality USB-smartcard reader
- OmniKey 3121 (Aviator) compatible
- USB 2.0-compatible
- "Single-handed operation" through high weight and stable standing
- PC/SC smartcard reader
- Protocols: T=0, T=1, S=8, S=9, S=10
- CCID compatible
- EMVCo Level 1 compliant
- CAC and FIPS 201 compliant
- TAA compliant

- Hardware interface: USB
- Chip-card protocols: T=0, T=1, S=8, S=9, S=10
- Contact: mechanical swipe reader
- Software interface: CT-Api, PC/SC, CCID
- Mating cycles: approx. 100,000 operations
- Compatible chip card types: Reads and writes on all ISO 7816 cards
- Transmission speed reader <==> card: 412,903 Bit/s
- Transmission speed reader <==> system: max. 12 MBit/s
- Chip card pulse frequency: 4.8 MHz
- Interface: USB
- Cable length: approx. 1.75 m
- Operating temperature: 0C to 60C
- Storage temperature: -20C to 50C
- Dimensions: approx. 75×51×55 mm
- Weight: approx. 300 g

Oznake: ST-1144UB
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