Proizvođač: Anker
Šifra proizvoda: 55715
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prijenosni punjač 2×USB-A 18W, 1×USB-C 20W, crni


- owerCore III Sense 20K is a slim and powerful portable 20000mAh battery
- Keep a stylish and professional look with a fabric exterior while carrying two USB-A port outputs and one USB-C PD input
- This is all you need as your charging companion

- Charge Wirelessly and Attach Magnetically: No more charging cables stuck between your hand and the iPhone while holding horizontally for games or videos
- Super Compact Design
- Charge-and-Go: Charge your device and MagFit Portable’s internal battery via a wall outlet, then take it with you for up to 4 phone charges - any place, any time
- Excellent Magnetic Attachment: Strong magnetic force up to 8N, stronger than Original MagSafe

- Capacity: 20000 milliampere hours
- Battery Chemistry: Lithium-polymer
- Number Of Devices Charged Simultaneously: 3
- Charging Interface(s): USB 3.0
- Battery Charge Time: 6.5 hours
- Amperage: 3 amperes
- Voltage: 5 volts
- On/Off Switch: Yes
- Amperage (Peak): 3 amperes

- Device Interface(s): USB Type C, USB Type A
- Brand Compatibility: Apple, Android
- Model Compatibility: iPhone 12

- Overload Protection: Yes