Proizvođač: ROLINE VALUE
Šifra proizvoda: 21.99.8752
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Bez poreza: 5,57€
Roline VALUE optički kabel 50/125µm LC/LC Duplex, OM4, 2.0m, ljubičasti

- OM4 fiber for existing 1 and 10 Gbit/s applications as well as future 40 and 100 Gbit/s systems
- Allows extended reach upwards of 550 meters at 10 Gbit/s for ultra long building backbones and medium length campus backbones
- With an laser bandwidth of 4700 MHz-km (more than double the IEEE requirement for 10 Gbit/s 300 meter support),

the OM4 fiber is also especially well suited for shorter reach in data centers and high performance computing applications

- Length: 2.0 m
- Quantity of fibre: 2
- Conductor composition: Compact conductor
- Cable type: Duplex Cable
- External cable: No
- Fibre section: 50/125µm OM4
- Side 1 Connector Type: LC
- Side 2 Connector Type: LC
- Kevlar strain relief: Yes
- External cable diameter: 2 mm

Oznake: 21.99.8752