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Cherry SLIDEPAD ERGO klizna podloga za miša i tipkovnicu, crna


Sliding armrest to improve ergonomics at the workplace
  The sliding palm rest for the desk optimises the position of your wrist and forearm,
helping to prevent pain when working with a mouse and keyboard
  Comfortable and ergonomic
  Universal and yet individual
  Easy to clean and durable
  Clean and minimalist design and stands for maximum ergonomics
  An elegantly designed accessory for every workplace that makes your daily life noticeably easier
  Compatible with all available mice and keyboards
  Full freedom of movement with a comfortable posture at the same time
  The large, curved and soft contact surface prevents pressure points on the arm
  Can be used individually for the right or left hand, when using two pads also for both hands
  Glides over almost any surface
  Ergonomics certified by the IGR (Institute for Health and Ergonomics)
Technical data
  Weight (Product): 115 g
  Total weight (incl. packaging): 145 g
  Storage temperature: –20 °C to +60 °C
  Operating temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C
  Scope of delivery: SLIDEPAD ERGO
  Dimensions product: 136 x 113 x 40 mm
  Dimensions packaging: 146 x 120 x 43 mm

Oznake: JA-0650-2