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HSM shredstar X5 uništavač dokumenata + CD medija, trakasti i poprečni rez,

4.5×30mm, razina sigurnosti E-2/F-1/O-1/P-4/T-2, kapacitet 18l


HSM shredstar X5 document shredder
- Data protection for the home or the small office. This modern and compact particle cut document shredder with a separate CD cutting unit shreds data at the workplace.

- CDs and DVDs, credit cards and loyalty cards can be easily shredded through the separate CD cutting unit. In the separate CD waste container, the shredded material is separated and is therefore already sorted for disposal.

- The automatic reverse eliminates paper jams and ensures a smooth operation.

- The LED indicator shows the device’s operating status: Power, Overload, Overheat.

- The quiet operating mode minimises noise development at the workplace which is an important consideration for your staff.

- An integrated light barrier automatically starts the device when paper is introduced into the feed and it automatically stops after shredding is complete.

- The filling level of the waste container can be seen at all times through the inspection window.

- To empty the waste container, the housing top can be easily removed.

- Cutting type: particle cut
- Cutting size: 4,5 x 30 mm
- Security level (DIN 66399): E-2|F-1|O-1|P-4|T-2
- Cutting capacity in sheets 80g/m2: 5
- Power consumption: 125 W
- Voltage / Frequency: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
- Intake width: 220 mm
- Container volume / collecting: 18 l
- Collection volume in sheets (80 g): 225
- Noise level (idle operation): ca. 58 dB(A)
- Width x Depth x Height: 345 x 245 x 385 mm
- Weight: 4,2 kg
- Shredder material: Paper, Staples and paper clips, Credit card, CD/DVD

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