Proizvođač: Anker
Šifra proizvoda: 58562
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Bez poreza: 30,53€

Anker PowerCore III Sense 10000mAh prijenosni punjač 20W 2×USB-A, 1×USB-C, crni

Opis/specifikacija:- Massive capacity: 20W USB-C Power Delivery

has more than enough power to charge your iPhone 12 up to 50% in

just 30 minutes!- Extremely thin: only 1.5 cm wide - and therefore our

thinnest powerbank ever- Pure power: with a capacity of 10.000 mAh,

you have more than enough energy to fully charge the iPhone

12 twice, the Samsung S20 once and a half and the iPad mini 5 once -

The VoltageBoost technology compensates with the quality of the

cable for optimal charging of the device- Completely safe: Ankers MultiProtect technology

offers surge protection, temperature regulation and more -

for absolute safety for you and your devices

Oznake: A1248G11