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UGREEN Organizator kablova, 7 utora, crni

- The cable organizer greatly simplifies the organization of cables located, for example, on a desk or TV stand. The cables can be mounted to the holder, which will make it easier and faster to connect two devices together.
Installing such a holder is very simple - just stick it on the selected surface using the 3M tape included with the product.

Aesthetic design
- The black color and elegant design mean that this cable organizer not only helps you stay organized, but also adds aesthetics to any interior where it is used.

Space saving
- Thanks to the ability to store up to 7 cables in one place, this organizer not only helps keep things tidy, but also saves valuable space on the desk or shelf.

- Helps you stay organized . Makes cable management easier than ever before.
- Enables simple installation . Assembly of this organizer is quick and easy,

requiring no tools or drilling. Just stick it on the selected surface and that's it!
- It is extremely universal . Whether it's USB, power or audio cables,

this organizer is ready to go. Its versatility means you can easily manage different types of cables in one place.

- Brand : Ugreen
- Model : LP114
- Black colour
- Material : plastic
- Fixing method : 3M tape
- Strong grip
- Thanks to 3M tape, this organizer stays securely in place

no matter where you place it, ensuring stability and durability.