Proizvođač: UGREEN
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UGREEN adapter protiv grmljavine, Ethernet, crni

- This RJ45 connector is built with thunder and protection, which makes it

he best choice for protecting customers who use LAN cable outdoors away from danger.

High Data Transmission
- Support speed up to 10 gigabits for connecting cat 7 cat 6 cables, a

nd also backward compatible with cat 5e cords.

Quality Material
- With Gold plated contacts and easy snap-in retaining clip, the LAN network

keystone provides a secure and corrosion free connection.

Wide Compatibility
- Ideal for network cards, terminals, hubs, MAUs, LAN devices, suitable for cables

with RJ45 connectors such as LAN cable, network cable, Ethernet cable, patch cords.

• RJ45 network cable connection.
• Housing material: High quality PVC plastic.
• Material core: Copper - 24K gold-plated pin.Thunder Protection

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